The 80’s

Welcome back to the 80’s. It was a different world, say those who were there, a time before iPods in a land innocent of cell phones, Crocs, grunge, hybrids and Ryan Seacrest. Hair-Metal bands ruled the earth untamed. Christie loved Billy, Ferris Bueller took the day off, and George Clooney could wear a mullet without irony and we were all livin’ on a prayer.

Anthropologists say it was called “the 80s” and estimate that it lasted, unchecked, for nearly a decade. Come in and explore the evidence, written and photographed from a unique period that gave us Madonna, E.T., the collapse of the Berlin Wall and Smurfs. In Movies Molly Ringwald was Pretty in Pink.

In Music, Bruce was Born in the U.S.A. and Michael Jackson made it absolutely clear to anyone who would listen that Billie Jean was not, i repeat NOT his lover! So come back to the Masters of the Universe and as Keanu Reeves put it in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure that could define the whole generation with that one word ” WHOA!” Welcome Back To the 80’s…

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