80’s Wings

small8Traditional Bone-In Wings
Available in Spicy and MildOur chicken Wings are Lightly Breaded & Fried to Crispy Perfection. Your Choice of Dipping Sauces: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, BBQ, Hot Sauce
SunflowerProductionsLLC (177 of 238)Boneless Wings All-White Meat Chicken, Lightly Breaded & Cooked to a Golden Crisp. Spun in one of your Favorite Slice of the 80’s Sauce! Over 16 to Choose From!
                          NOT SPICY!

  • MILD GARLIC PARMASEN:  A mild sauce with doses of garlic and parmesan cheese! Delicious!!
  • HONEY BBQ: Our most popular sauce!!! Excellent Flavor!!
  • MILD: A rich, buttery flavor
  • Mesquite BBQ: An authentic southwest smoky BBQ sauce flavor! Guaranteed you’ll be one happy cowboy!
  • APPLE BBQ: Sweet, with just the right amount of apple flavor!
  • SWEET & TANGY: A sweet and tangy blend, irresistible.
  • HONEY HONEY : A sweet and smoky sauce, excellent flavor!
  • BUFFALO GOLD: A Carolina style BBQ sauce combines tangy mustard with vinegar honey and smoke flavors.
  • TERIYAKI: A perfect sauce for wings!
  • HONEY GARLIC: A dark brown, viscous sauce with strong flavors of garlic and honey.



  • LOUISIANA BBQ: A BBQ sauce that showcases a hickory smoke flavor that goes great on chicken!
  • CHIPOTLE BBQ: A smoky bbq sauce with a kick of chipotle flavor, a spicy twist, great on wings!
  • SPICY GARLIC PARMESAN: A zesty sauce with doses of garlic and parmesan cheese followed by a spicy heat! Great with Ranch!
  • RED HOT BUFFALO: A very nice sauce with just a touch of heat!
  • TOXIC WASTE: For all the “Fire Eaters” out there, super spicy with a great taste you can handle. There’s no other combination of heat and great flavor.
  • THAI CHILI: A deep red sauce with garlic, chilies and basil.
  • HOT GARLIC: A very good sauce for the garlic lover with a touch of heat.
          All Drums or All Wings Add 1.00 Extra for Every 10 Wings!

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