Fads of the 1980s

Some of the things people remember about the 1980s are the fads.  From Valspeak to Cabbage Patch Kids, these fads defined a generation.


When you hear people use phrases such as “totally,” “rad,” geek” and “skanky” they are speaking a language created during the 1980s.  Valspeak was a form of speech that integrated hippie lingo with surfer slang.  Its popularity is based on a song by Frank Zappa and his daughter called Moon Unit called “Valley Girl.”

Rubik’s Cube

During the 1980s the Rubik’s Cube was a common site with many people.  People young and old struggled to solve the twisting colored block puzzle.

Sony Walkman

This was the start of being able to play the music you wanted to hear anywhere you went.  People were no longer restricted to having only portable radios; they could now play cassettes tapes that contained their favorite music.  Powered with only two AA batteries people could now listen to their favorite tunes while walking, jogging, waiting for a bus, standing in line and more.  It officially became part of the Oxford English Dictionary during the late 1980s.

Cabbage Patch Kids

They were dolls invented by an art student during the 1970s and presented to the public on a mass production level in the early 1980s.  Their popularity reached insane levels during the Christmas shopping season of 1983.  Stores were running out of them and violence between parents to get that remaining few dolls in stock occurred all over the United States.  The popularity is gone, but the dolls are still available.

Swatch Watch

They were colorful and fun Swiss watches.  The varieties of colors and designs for their dials and straps made them something people wanted to have.  During the late 1980s they even came with bands that were scented.


One of the things that were also common during the 1980s was eating pizza.  Just like the kind of pizza you’ll find at Slice Of The 80’s.   This is a place where customers can see a large mural of the 80s as well as posters of the movies and bands of the 80s and enjoy some great food.

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