Experience Cheese Bread Excellence at Slice of the 80’s

The inspiration to eat bread and cheese together is as old as, well, bread and cheese. In fact, historians have found reference to bread cooked with cheese on it dating back to the old times of Ancient Rome; and American’s are no stranger to the awesome cheesiness that comes from the combination. “Slice of the 80’s” has taken the idea to the max with the most excellent selection of cheese bread around.

Our traditional Cheese Bread is made with a three cheese blend and comes with marinara for dipping. If you really crave cheese you might want to give our outrageously gooey, Extreme Cheese Bread a shot. This bread is the bomb for cheese lovers; fully loaded with twice as much mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan. Try our buttery Nacho Bread with some spicy jalapenos, or indulge in our signature Nacho Cheese Bread which we cover with a three cheese blend, bake and then drizzle with nacho cheese sauce. This cheesy bread is totally boss!

Slice of the 80’s was voted one of Detroit’s 10 best pizzerias, and for good reason. Our pizza, wings, calzones, salads and breads are some of the tastiest you’ll ever experience; and our gnarly 80’s theme is fun for all ages.

With our sweet hair band posters, rad decor and video arcade loaded with over 50 choice games from the 80’s, Slice of the 80’s will take you back to the days of valley girls and rockin’ ballads. So get amped and bring your posse down to Slice of the 80’s to try one of our primo cheese breads.

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