Speak to me only with thine mushrooms




Sometimes you run into a person who doesn’t like mushrooms, but how cool can that dude be? I mean we’re not talking anchovies, here, we are talking schrooms, the symbol of mystery, the fruit of darkness, the scent of the orient, and a great source of Vitamin D. Most vegetables don’t have vitamin D, so tell that to your friend who doesn’t like mushrooms.


The star mushroom of the 1980’s was the Portobello. Until that fresh period of enlightenment, this large and tasty granddaddy of the mushroom family was, believe it or not, shunned by the kitchen clique, and tossed to the side by the growers.  Slice of the 80’s doesn’t use Portobello mushrooms, but you know, I’m just sayin’. During the 80’s, we added a schroom. What a slam-dunk decade. Totally.


On the site for the Mushroom Festival in Pennsylvania, there is a long list of shroomy virtues, including low cholesterol, low fat content, low calories, low sodium, good source of B, and an excellent source for ergothionine, whatever that is. (Okay, okay, don’t wig out, I’ll tell you what it is.  According to Wikipedia,  “Ergothioneine is a naturally occurring amino acid and is a thiourea derivative of histidine, containing a sulfur atom in the imidazole ring. This compound is made in rather few organisms, notably Actinobacteria and filamentous fungi,” so now you know. )


And people take ergothionine for Alzheimer’s, liver problems, and cataracts, so how can you not like mushrooms? And as for harmful side effects, they are still looking, they didn’t list one, not one.  How rad is that? They just said, you know, chill if you’re pregnant, like don’t binge on that ergo-stuff for a week, stuff like that, but they always say that.  And I heard all those rumors in school about how mushrooms enhance your “performance,” although that was never mentioned once in the highly sophisticated research that was done for this post.


At Slice of the 80’s we love mushrooms, we recommend mushrooms, and we know that if you spice up your slice with mushrooms, that you will be a smarter, healthier, sexier person that sees better, remembers your cousin’s  name longer, and has fewer issues with lower stomach pain, although this statement must not be taken as medical advice and it is only the opinion of the delivery staff.


But the thing about mushrooms on pizza, the very best thing?  They taste tubular.  Have some.


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