Donkey Kong and Pizza: A Winning Combination

Did you rush home every day after school to watch Martha, Nina, Mark and Alan introduce your favorite 80’s hair bands? If so, you are just the person Slice of the 80s is looking for. We are a rockin’, Michigan pizzeria that serves up killer food with a 1980s’ attitude. Think we’re trying to pull a fast one like Ferris Bueller? Just check out our 2012 Top 10 A-List ranking on City Voter. All those totally rad dudes and dudettes can’t be wrong.

So “what’s on our menu?” you might ask. Well, we’ve got jalapeno poppers hotter than Madonna’s performance at the first MTV Video Music Awards. There’s also  cinnamon bread more colorful that Twisted Sister’s makeup, totally awesome pizza, calzones, salad and boneless wings.

The food isn’t all that there is to enjoy at Slice of the 80s either. The place is jam packed to the rafters with decade specific memorabilia. So much so that once you get here, you’ll be hard pressed not to channel your inner Billy Mitchell and shoot for the high score on our Donkey Kong game. If Donkey Kong isn’t your thing, we’ve got Pac-Man, Dig Dug and over 40 other classics onsite too. Yeah, we’ve got you gamers covered like that.

80s movie, music, fashion and street art fans will feel at home as well. That’s because we’ve got everything from those humongous cans of Aqua Net you used to look like Brett Michaels to Quiet Riot on Vinyl. Oh, and did I mention the totally tubular graffiti wall?

Now that you know what we’re all about, what are you waiting for? Don your leather pants, studded bracelets and a roll of quarters. Fond memories of the most radical decade on earth and an incredible meal await you at Detroit’s Slice of the 80s.

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