Relive Life in the 1980s and Enjoy Going Back in Time

The 1980s were a lot of things: fun, simple and most of all, relevent. That generation saw many changes that made life easier and technology helped carve a whole new world.

If you grew up in the 1980s then you saw your world change with the VCR. You could now record your television shows and watch them later at your convenience or go to the local movie rental store and rent a blockbuster for the night; who can forget “Be Kind – Rewind” on the VHS tape? If you were lucky, you were able to reserve your favorite movie when it released or else you’d have to drive from store to store to find it.

MTV was introduced and the music video was born and cable television began entering homes so that you now had more than just three choices to watch. Pay Television was available and HBO offered 24-hour programming so you didn’t have to worry about the programming going off of the air like in Poltergeist.

In fact, the personal computer was introduced and while it was mostly businesses that utilized the computer at first, it was the 80’s that saw the change start taking place.

If you long for a piece of that history where things were more simple and the technology was exciting, you’ll love Slice of the 80s. Not only can you step back in time and enjoy reliving the past with video games, hair bands and splash paint but you’ll love the food as well.

Pizza, calzones, wings, salads and more are available. The pizza dough is made fresh daily and you can choose from a variety of crusts such as original, butter, butter parmesan, butter garlic, cajun, sesame seed, honey and our own original crust, nacho cheese.

Come visit us, step back in time and enjoy reliving life in the 1980’s.

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