Radical 80s’ TV Shows to Enjoy with a Slice of the 80s’ Pizza

What do gold chains, pastel blazers and the Island of Mypos all have in common? Well, they are connected to some of the hottest television shows of the 80s. The shows’ reruns would also go great with a Slice of the 80s’ pizza. Don’t believe me? Read on for the proof:

Greek Pizza

In the immortal words of Balki, watching “Perfect Strangers” reruns with something other than a Slice of the 80s’ Greek Pizza on your coffee table would be “ridickulas.” After all, he was said to be from the Mediterranean. The pizza is topped with flavorful feta cheese, black olives, sliced beets and more. Balki and Cousin Larry would definitely approve, especially if you served it with a Greek salad and themed drinks.

Kickin’ Chicken Pizza

Where you a fan of “The A-Team” as well? If so, a Slice of the 80s’ Kickin’ Chicken pizza should fit you to a T. Yes, I am talking about the tough looking dudes with the big hearts. They spent years kickin’ butts and saving those that needed it. That’s why the Kickin’ Chicken pizza is the perfect pie to serve up for a night of reruns. Just like the guys, it looks mean but has an unmistakable sweetness that’s hard to forget.

Tubular Pizza

Those that loved Crockett and Tubbs’ buttery smooth, “Miami Vice” style may want to order the Tubular pizza instead. It comes with extra cheese, two different meats and pineapple, which gives it some Miami flair. We’d also suggest pairing it with an order of colorful cinnamon bread and tropical punch as a nod to the guys’ passion for Florida fashion.

Curious about which other Slice of the 80s’ dishes would pair well with a night of 80s’ themed television shows?  Visit our Westland location or log onto our website and order onine today if you enter the word BLOG80 you will get 20% off your order. Our menu is filled with totally awesome possibilities.

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