80s Hair Bands Are Pure Listening Pleasure

If anything is true it’s that things from the past find their way back to the future and 80s hair bands are no exception. In fact, with the popularity of Rock of Ages and satellite radio stations dedicated to 80’s hair bands, it’s no wonder.

Like past generations, the parents of today have shared their favorite music with their kids and those metal bands of the 80’s have a new fan base as well as their dedicated followers. Some bands of that era are still very relevant today. Many people followed BreMy80sMetalCollaget Michaels and Dee Snyder on Celebrity Apprentice and Bon Jovi is still releasing new material and sings to sold out crowds. You can even find such groups as Kix, Tesla, and Cinderella on the Monsters of Rock cruise.

Now while you may not be able to go to an 80’s concert all of the time, you can still relive those guilty pleasure moments at Slice of the 80’s. Not only do you get to enjoy pizza, wings, salads, calzones and more, you also get to enjoy a glimpse into the past with all of your favorite 80’s icons such as Pac Man, splash paint and of course, those 80s hair bands that poured out of your boom box back in the day.

The food is fresh and homemade and the decor will allow you to forget about your busy world and step back in time to a more simple era without cell phones, computers and iPods.

You’ll enjoy the atmosphere and your kids will get to experience a little bit of your childhood as well.

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