Pizza History Served Up Slice of the 80s Style

524785_10151619755959402_1216065685_nWhat do pizza history, Michigan, New York and 1980s icon Madonna have in common? Surprisingly, it’s more than you may think. The good news is we here at Slice of the 80s are more than happy to share our knowledge of the saucy Material Girl’s connection to those items with you. If anything, knowing it will make you an asset the next time you get invited to play Trivial Pursuit. Read on for the straight mozzarella:

For starters, the 1980s icon was born and raised in the Wolverine State. In addition, her father is said to be of Italian heritage. So what does that have to do with pizza history? I’ll tell you. It has long been established that Italian immigrants were responsible for introducing the incredible dish to Americans. One of them was Gennaro Lombardi. He’s credited with opening New York’s first pizzeria.

Speaking of New York, it’s where the beloved icon headed to kick off her music and film career. It’s also where she’d eventually try her first slice of pizza. Interestingly enough, that sampling didn’t take place until 2009, long after she uttered a line about ordering take-out pizza in the 1985 hit, Desperately Seeking Susan. So what took the Material Girl so long to sample the goods? Turns out it had to do with her aversion towards cheese.

Of course that didn’t stop her from ordering a tower of it during the lead up to her Super Bowl performance in 2012. It also didn’t stop her from marrying another famous 80s star with a pizza connection, Sean Penn. Who could forget him in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

So there you have it. That’s what the four have in common. If you want to know more about pizza history and its connection to other 1980s stars, make plans to stop by Slice of the 80s later this week. We can talk about it over a pie and a round of Pac-Man.

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