Five Terrific 80’s Movies for Pizza Lovers

Pizza and movies go together like a wink and a smile, and the 80’s were a great time for both pizza lovers and cinefiles. Here’s a list of five movies that will satisfy both your 80’s craving as well as your pizza craving. (Just kidding! Only real pizza can satisfy a pizza craving.)

1. The first flick on this list might be a little obvious, but we couldn’t make a list of 80’s pizza movies without including 1988’s Mystic Pizza, starring the lovely Julia Roberts and Lili Taylor. They play sisters with distinctly different personalities and goals, both working in a pizza shop in Mystic, Connecticut. Mystic Pizza is a real place that’s been around since the 70’s, and continues to be popular with tourists and locals alike.

2. The action in the next movie also centers around a pizza shop, and it’s Spike Lee’s famous and controversial 1989 masterpiece, Do the Right Thing, which he wrote, directed, and starred in as Mookie, the central character. Mookie is a delivery guy for Sal’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuyvesant neighborhood. The movie focuses on simmering racial tensions, and while the characters often have a hard time understanding each other or seeing eye-to-eye, everyone seems to agree that Sal’s serves the best pizza in the neighborhood.

3. “Who ordered the double cheese and sausage?” If you recognize that line, you know that it was Spicoli who ordered the double cheese and sausage pizza, straight to his history classroom in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Cameron Crowe’s 1982 coming of age film. And whose coming of age didn’t include a couple double cheese slices? Mr. Hand might not have taken Spicoli very seriously, but the Library of Congress did when it selected Fast Times for inclusion in the National Film Registry! Now that’s a slice of pie and a slice of history.

4. Loverboy, as the title might suggest, crafts a story around the old jokes about frustrated housewives seducing the delivery boy. While the Library of Congress hasn’t exactly been knocking on any doors to get this one into its collection, Loverboy is good for a laugh. What goes better with a laugh than pizza?

5. Pizza plays just a cameo role in 1981’s Stripes, but you can’t beat watching a defeated Bill Murray trying to get a pizza that’s been dropped on the ground back into its box!

Have another favorite 80’s movie that goes well with pizza? Leave a comment! And don’t forget to pick up a pie before you start watching.

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